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What Others Are Saying

Randy J.

Celina, TX

Joel was extremely friendly from the first time we spoke on the phone. He was very receptive when I spoke about my pain points. I was pleasantly surprised when he said they were a mobile massage. He came to my house and worked out not only my pain areas but also helped work out other tight muscles in my hips and chest. After our session, Joel was very open to explaining what and how the muscles were working (or not working). I even learned a bit about muscle structure and how it related to my pain areas. Excellent service! ⭐11/10⭐will be using this service again!

Brendan S.

Dallas, TX

If I was able to give a 6 star review I would! I try to stay active (running, Peloton, light weights, chasing my kiddos around, etc) and seeing Joel once a month for the preventative maintenance / massage therapy has been an awesome way to stay loose and get some add’l nutrition tips along the way. He’s super knowledgeable and each session is 100% focused on what I tell him are my new (and recurring) pain points. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Sara Wolf

I have been experiencing muscle pain throughout my body for years due to health issue. I was referred to Joel and his wife by my Chiropractor. After the first massage I felt better and have been able to move easier than I have in years. Joel is very knowledgeable and listens to what is specific and unique to your situation. In the past I have only gone to other massages for relaxation purposes hoping for relief but this time I went for their therapeutic method and have been able to relax better than ever. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Amber Coker

Dallas, TX

Joel and Kim come to our dental practice once a month to help us maintain a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. I would highly recommend them. They are very professional and are always willing to work around our busy office while still focusing on complete relaxation and problems of concern. I have personally been to many massage therapists and left still having the symptoms that I came in with. Not with these two! They take the time and own the skill to handle whatever problem thrown their way. If you have not scheduled Unconditional Wellness and Athletic Therapy to your office yet I would highly recommend that you do. What a wonderful, and affordable, reward to offer your employees.

Jonathan C.

Dallas, TX

I can say without reservation that Joel is on a very short list of top therapists that I have ever used. That he is setting up shop is hugely beneficial for the clients in the North Plano, Frisco, Prosper markets. 

Michael Burks

Dallas, TX

Joel did an amazing job! Had lower back/neck pain and had immediate relief. Stop wasting your time with chiropractors and try this. Came directly to my house and showed up promptly on time. Great personality and easy to talk to. I Highly Recommend...

Stephanie K.

Dallas, TX

Within minutes of walking in and describing my issue, Kim was able to pinpoint where I needed body work. My sessions are only 30 minutes, but oh so productive in relieving hip pain and discomfort. I recommend UWAT if you are in need of therapeutic massage work. They offer a variety of services which are ALL focused on wellness through therapy.

Kelli M.

Frisco, TX

Joel & Kim are amazing at what they do! They are always educating themselves to further meet every single client's needs. Their bedside manor is the best I have ever seen and they explain what they are doing so you know you are getting the best care to truly address your issue(s). I always look forward to every massage I get from them and will absolutely refer all of my friends and family to them!

Brandi K.

Fort Worth, TX

Unconditional Wellness and Athletic Therapy is AMAZING!!! Joel helped me quite a bit when I was training for Marathons and Cycle events! He really knows just the right spots to work on to help me be more flexible and fit so that I could continue sports without pain or discomfort. And Kim's hands are like butter too! She's extremely patient and provides massages that are both therapeutic as well as healing! It's obvious they take their profession serious and their client care and comfort is of the utmost importance. I love every session I get with them. Worth every penny.

Lance W.

Dallas, TX

The team at Unconditional Wellness is simply incredible. The treatment I've received from them over the years is absolutely second to none. Their attention to detail and ability to inquire and listen to a client sets the tone of your treatment. They go on to make you feel like you're not just a part of the recovery but its focus. I've known the staff at UW for a great many years and they have not only been my therapists of choice but have also served as a well of knowledge for a number of other related inquiries. They are a team and they will make sure that when your overall wellness is concerned, they are the support system you need to establish and realize your goals.

Rebekah H.

Dallas, TX

The expertise and experience is unparalleled and you really gain so much from the sessions. I would recommend every family member and friend to Unconditional Wellness.  

Leslie T.

Dallas, TX

I’ve been a client of both Joel and Kim over the past few years and I wouldn’t dream of going to any other massage therapists. They both have helped me have so much with opening up my body and reducing the inflammation in and around my joints. My flexibility has also increased due to some deep body release work that they are so skilled at. In addition they’ve helped correct some imbalances in my hips and shoulders and currently working on reducing pain and stiffness in my wrist and hand. I really can’t recommend them enough.

About Unconditional Wellness & Athletic Therapy (UWAT)


Which Technique Do I Need?

Our massage therapists will assess your needs, medical history, and discuss with you some of the options that are available and which ones they think would be most beneficial for you. As a result, your experience will be tailored to your body and needs!


Your Performance Is Key.

Whether you are an athlete, an office worker, both, or something different, we all need to be at the top of our game and to maintain our peak performance. In short, our massage therapists put your needs first so you can keep your edge!


We Care & Have Been There.

Our team has years of varied experiences and training that will allow them to connect with you and help them understand your pain. Therefore, it allows you to be confident in the treatment that you are receiving.

Massage Session Pricing

Single Sessions*

60 Minutes $150.00
90 Minutes $200.00
120 Minutes $250.00

*Please note travel charges may apply for some locations.

Types of Massage


Whether it is the stress caused by work, family, or major life event, allow UWAT to be there to assist you in your wellness journey. Relaxation massage is not just for the ‘spa’. It doesn’t have to be covered in oil and rose pedals. In fact, a multi-modality approach to accomplishing a state of relaxation / homeostasis, could be just what you need. As a result, you will decrease muscle toxins, increase oxygen levels in the blood, and improve flexibility...just some of the benefits!


Sometimes in life, we all over do it. For some of us, it’s too much sitting, driving, working on the computer. For others it may be pushing too hard in the gym, or a combination of factors. Whether your aches and pains are new, because of a car accident, slip/fall, or sleeping wrong, or you’ve had them and just thought that they were ‘part of life’. Therapeutic massage can assist with: TMJ/D, headaches/migraines, low back pain, neck/shoulder pain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, bursitis, post workout soreness, DOMS/Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and many others. In other words, UWAT can partner with you on your journey to quicker recovery.


Because Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back over 2,500 years, it is a completely different look at medicine and health/care. TCM looks at the body as a small part of a greater interaction. TCM rarely ever offers a ‘quick fix’. Consequently, life is looked at as a whole and infirmities are signals that we are out of balance. Cupping and Gua sha are some of the manual therapies that are used to unblock the flow of energy/qi (blood/lymph). TCM also uses dietary therapy and acupuncture to affect change in the body. While we are not complete TCM practitioners, we do embrace the manual therapy aspect and encourage people to explore wellness possibilities.