Active Release Technique (ART)

**Active Release Technique / ART

The conditions that active release is used to help treat naturally are those that affect the fascia or connective tissue, major muscle groups, tendons, and ligaments. Most are the result of pulls, strains, overused muscles, tears and inflammation. The purpose of active release technique is to restore normal mobility.

Lower back pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tension headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder and shoulder strains, bursitis and tennis elbow are some of the most commonly relieved problems treated through active release. The benefits of active release are increased flexibility, improved range of motion (following injuries), reduces chronic lower back pain, treats carpal tunnel syndrome, and helps prevent running injuries and improved performance.

**Active Release Technique and ART are licensed /registered and trademarked. While our therapists are not licensed through ART, we do employ similar techniques in our sessions.

*** To find a licensed Active Release Technique / ART professional click here Active Release Techniques

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