Joel Kois


Joel Kois, LMT

Hello! I’m Joel Kois, Co-Founder of Unconditional Wellness and Athletic Therapy. I am married to the beautiful vixen Kim, who is also my business partner. We have three grown kids, and two grandchildren.

While we’re not doing bodywork, Kim and I enjoy life outside wandering our neighborhoods in Mustang Lakes and Celina with our two chihuahuas Odin and Zeus.

I’ve lived in Wisconsin, Bay Area California, Seattle, Phoenix, Idaho, and now find myself rooted in Celina, TX. Who would have guessed!

Massage became my passion when I sought help for chronic pain caused by a previous spinal fracture from a snowboarding accident. Even after surgery it was at times debilitating. So, skeptically, I sought relief in physical therapy/bodywork in Washington State. The relief was instantly transformative. I quit a successful career in real estate and went to massage school.

Fast forward a decade and now I’m here helping people like I was helped! I am so blessed to get to do what I do!

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