Kim Kois


Kim Kois, LMT

Hello to my current and future clients. I’m Kim, and married to the hunk Joel. I am his ‘ride-or-die’ and we are committed to being the best “us” possible. We have three adult children, and two grandchildren. Yes, I started young, but they keep me young, too. The air is so rare and beautiful on the few occasions throughout the year when we are all under one roof.

My passion for massage came to me secondhand. I was a dental assistant for many years, and sort of reached my apex. I had gone as far up as I could go and learned as much as I could learn. I found myself getting burned out, and the fire I had for my job was dwindling. Joel, on the other hand, came home everyday with a story abut how he helped someone, or a new technique he was trying out.

Even after many years doing massage, he was excited. I wanted that spark in my career life. Once I took the plunge, I was hooked!

Being a massage therapist is an amazing, ever-changing, and truly fulfilling career. I love that I get to make an immediate impact! A lot of results are immediate, and the relationships I get to have with my clients are life changing. I love what I do!

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