Prenatal Massage

A prenatal massage is a safe way to relieve numerous common discomforts felt throughout pregnancy while improving circulation and overall mobility.

A prenatal massage is one of the healthiest methods to alleviate stress and promote wellness during pregnancy. Due to the changes the body experiences throughout pregnancy, each and every session is tailored to meet an individual client’s needs.

Pregnancy causes the client’s center of gravity to shift. Carrying a child adds stress to the; low back, abdominal, neck and shoulder muscles, and helps create a myriad of temporary dysfunctions. One of these dysfunctions is, instability, which causes the pelvis to shift forward and the lower back to consistently ache. A prenatal massage addresses these issues by safely relaxing over-strained muscles and providing more pelvic mobility for a healthy, growing baby.

Prenatal massage therapy shares several goals with more traditional massage therapies: eliminating tension in muscles, alleviating known sore spots, improving circulation and mobility, and creating ultimate relaxation. Trained therapists that specialize in prenatal massages can identify a client’s sore spots and provide the necessary pressure to work out any stress and tension.

In addition, prenatal massages help to relieve muscle tension on weight-bearing joints by gently encouraging blood flow to targeted areas. This technique allows for more nutrient-rich oxygen to reach the baby and assists the flow of lymphatic fluid to dispel metabolic waste and unwanted toxins. The changes made possible via prenatal massages produce positive hormonal changes that can relieve depression and anxiety, as well as offer a better night’s sleep.

For clients experiencing headaches, prenatal massages can offer relief by relaxing key points and addressing muscle spasms in the head, neck, and shoulders region.

To ensure optimal comfort, therapists use specific cushions to achieve a proper weight distribution for baby and client. If tolerable, allowing expecting mothers to actually lay face down for the first time in months!

Professional Insight:

  • It’s important to communicate any and all expectations, limitations, and target areas for a successful, relaxing therapy session. Targeting specific areas and avoiding others ensures that each prenatal massage is tailored to your needs.

After delivery, clients may wish to receive postnatal / post-natal massage therapy to continue their journey to wellness and healing. Massage therapy is not only safe, it can be essential to guaranteeing a smooth pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. Usually 6 weeks after birth is a sufficient amount of recovery time. If you wish to schedule sooner, or have any medical questions or concerns, please consult your physician and have them send a release form.

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