Sports and Pliability Massage

UWAT has integrated techniques found in the TB12 Program

What Is Sports and Pliability Massage?

It primes your muscles to absorb and disperse forces — in both sport and daily life — so you can achieve more and avoid injury.

Sports and Pliability Massage revolutionizes an athlete’s journey, and can benefit everyone. Sports and Pliability Massage work turns muscles into "soft" and resilient muscles. Being pliable isn’t muscle tissue that is squishy to the touch. It’s muscle tissue that’s adaptable to the demands placed on the muscle.

Simply put, it gets your body to 100 percent muscle pump function, and keeps it there over time — which is a huge part of achieving sustained peak performance.


Pliability—via massage, soft-tissue chiropractic work, foam rolling, and more—can shorten the amount of time you’re sore post-workout, increase your body’s ability to switch into ‘rest and digest’ mode, and maintain healthy ranges of motion.

Soft, Pliable Muscles

When muscles retain their optimal function and range of motion—a full contraction and a full relaxation—you build resilience to injury and perform at your best. During the muscle work, it’s important to put the body through motion by rhythmically contracting and relaxing the muscle being worked on. This is what really enables that positive trauma that makes a lasting change in the muscle.

All of this together results in a lengthened and "softened" muscle that’s very functional. Our coaches at UWAT can deliver the best treatment via hands-on body work, but you can do it at home, too.

The Pros at UWAT

Making regular appointments with a massage therapist at UWAT who specializes in soft tissue work can increase pliability. Massage can increase local circulation and relax shortened muscles from a long day in the office. There are in-office procedures like Active Release Therapy and a deep massage-type treatment for soft tissues.Let the specialists at UWAT help you become more pliable.

Hurt Less, Live more!