Sports Massage

Our sports massage offers athletes an opportunity to recuperate and rejuvenate after a demanding competition or workout. It also enhances preparation and performance.

Sports massage therapy is the application of common massage techniques, hydrotherapy, range of motion protocols, and strength-training elements to help an athlete reach predetermined goals.The specific regimen and technique is unique to the athlete and their sport of choice. Sports therapists focus heavily on the athlete’s most overused and stressed areas of the body, especially when dealing with an aggressive sport.

Regardless of the client’s sport of choice and workout routine, sports massage therapy can be immensely beneficial. The sports massage increases flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, and reduces overall recovery time during restoration. A sports massage therapy tailored to each individual client can assist in creating the optimal athlete by affecting their ability to perform.

Skilled sports therapists will focus on three key principles when assessing clients and designing therapy sessions: timing, technique, and intent.

  • The timing includes identifying the best time for the massage (whether it’s before or after a major competition or during a recovery period).
  • The particular techniques used throughout sports massage therapy are also designated by the practitioner; common modalities include friction, compression, direct pressure, stretching, and effleurage.
  • The reason for treatment and create a treatment plan accordingly. A sports massage therapist that effectively understands these three key principles for their client will be able to provide the ideal treatment and timeframe for recovery.

Mastering sports massage therapy requires experience, extensive training, and education. No single approach or program works every time for every client. It’s vital to include a sports massage with a trained therapist to complement a regular workout regimen.

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