Teens & Student Athletes

Teens and Student Athletes need a massage too, between the juggling of school, activities, chores, acne, peer-pressures, social media, and a hundred or so other stressors. Not to mention the ever changing state of their bodies!

Studies have shown the benefits massage provides for kids and young adults, such as the reduction of stress and stress hormone levels, mood and behavioral problems, as well as boosting the immune system.

In addition, physically active teens can appreciate the benefits of a sports related massage, such as helping to aid in recovery from; sore muscles, strains or other specific pains. Sports massages are extremely therapeutic for overworked muscles and can help rehabilitate injuries, shorten recovery time, and improve performance by increasing blood flow, flexibility and range of motion.

Other benefits include; relief from the symptoms of PMS, increased alertness and mental clarity following a massage makes for great test taking advantage and can help teens deal with symptoms of other conditions they are suffering.

Parents/guardians here are a few professional suggestions/thoughts before booking your teen/tween appointment(s):

  • A specific consent to treat a minor is required! Click the button in the sidebar on the right to download the consent form(s).
  • Parents, please expect to stay in the room during treatment, at least the first session or two. It creates a safe environment and allows you to ask questions throughout for better understanding.
  • Maximum length should be 30 minutes.

Here at UWAT, we are a team of highly trained and qualified therapists who are available to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

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