What Is CBD – Full Interview with Terrill Taylor

Q: What is CBD oil?
A: CBD oils is an oil from the hemp plant that is used clinically to help with pain, inflammation, and sleep. There’s also a lot of research on CBD’s effects on anxiety and a whole host of other health conditions.Q: Is CBD safe to take with prescriptions?
A: CBD is a powerful natural supplement, but we usually advise if you’re taking CBD oil, from hemp, to consult with your health care practitioner to make sure that there’s no contraindications with any of the medications or supplements that you might already be prescribed.

Q: Will CBD show on a drug test?
A: Some CBD oils will show up on a drug test if they contain THC. The Ultra Cell line of products do not contain THC. They contain 0.0 % levels of THC, and that’s verified by a third party lab testing facility.

Q: Is CBD safe for kids or pets?
A: CBD oil is safe for pets. Basically, any animal that has a central nervous system and a spine it can benefit them as well. There is some research with CBD and children. However, there’s not any research with Ultra Cell and children so again, if you’re thinking of utilizing Ultra Cell for your children consult your health care practitioner beforehand.

Q: Will CBD oil get me ‘high?
A: CBD oil won’t get you high. CBD oil ideally does not contain THC. THC is the psychoactive component. CBD just hits certain receptors that help with the immune system balance, inflammation, and cognitive balance.

Q: How does CBD oil work?
A: CBD oil works in a very unique way. See, what it does is it works within the body to maintain homeostasis, or maintain balance. So it works by modulating or working with specific receptors, called cannabidiol receptors within the body and balances those receptors and then those receptors balance throughout the rest of the body.

Q: What is the difference between CBD hemp and CBD Cannabis.
A: there’s a lot of different CBD and hemp oils on the market out there. There’s CBD oil that’s an isolate, which is just basically one of the components of CBD or hemp pulled out. There is full spectrum hemp which is very different because the full spectrum hemp contains all the polyphenols, terpenes, all the hundred plus different CBD components that are found naturally in the plant. So a full spectrum hemp is going to give more to the patients in delivery but also in health outcomes.

Q: What is the difference between Cannabis and Hemp?
A: There is a difference between Cannibas and Hemp oil. So Cannibas comes from the female version of the plant that has buds then also has more THC. A full spectrum hemp oil containing primarily CBD is from the male version of the plant, which is the hemp plant and does not contain as much THC.

Q: What are the effects I can expect from CBD oil?
A: The effects one can get from CBD oil really vary because it does so much to go up stream and influence balance within the body, but the CBD one and CBD two receptors are involved with neurotransmitters, hormones, and the immune system so the studies reflect improvement in inflammatory conditions, sleep issues, anxiety, cognitive issues, and also pain in inflammatory conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis or even just physical injuries.

Q: Why ultra sell CBD versus other CBD?
A: Ultra sell CBD is really unique to any other type of CBD isolate or hemp oil on the market. Hemp oil even in its full spectrum form is pretty hard to get absorbed and also made available to the cells. Hemp is a really robust plant, it really refuses to get absorbed and it only absorbs at about 6%. The Ultra Cell has a patented delivery system which brings up the absorption and bioavailability into the cells up from 6% to about 94%.

Q: Why are you passionate about CBD oil?
A:  I’m passionate about CBD oil because I think the research is really new. Even more importantly I’ve seen it help my friends and Family with everything from, for me attention deficit disorder, sleep issues, pain issues, neuropathy for my dad’s feet. I just don’t know of many other compounds or you can take just one thing and it would benefit so many things in the body.