What Is CBD – Full Interview with Nicole Taylor, APRN


Q: What is CBD?
A: CBD is a compound, it stands for cannabidiol and is found in the hemp plant. It has been all over the news lately because of the amazing properties that have been coming out in the research and it’s amazing health benefits.

Q: Is CBD safe to take with prescriptions?
A: CBD is a natural compound. Studies have shown that people can take it with many different other supplements, however we always recommend you check with your health care provider just to be sure it’s not going to interact with anything specifically that you’re taking.

Q: Will CBD show up on a drug test?
A: Some CBD’s have grace amounts of THC which is what is tested for on a drug test. So the CBD that you’re using you want to make sure that they third party test it to make sure there are no levels of THC in it.

Q: Will CBD gets high?
A: CBD will not get you high. It does not have any psychoactive components in it.

Q: Is CBD safe for my kids?
A: CBD has been studied in specific conditions in children, however we always recommend that you speak with your medical provider before giving it to children.

Q: What are the effects of CBD?
A: CBD can have multiple effects on multiple people so it really depends on what your body is in need of. They can have relaxation to fax it can actually give some people energy it can help some people with pain. So it really depends on what your body needs and it can actually help multiple of those things at the same time.

Q: Why Ultra Cell vs other CBD?
A: I love UltraCell for so many different reasons. It is certified organic, it is third-party tested for THC content, for heavy metals, for toxins, for pesticides. It’s got a patented delivery system, one of them which contains a micelle technology. It helps get it into your system very quickly and then a liposomal delivery system  which actually helps stay in your system. Data shows at 12 hours, at its peak, it’s still at its capacity which is an 86 to 94% delivery system. Most CBD’s have a 3-6% absorption rate. So Ultra Cell is great for so many different reasons and I’ve just seen so many benefits with the patients I’ve treated with it.

Q: Why are you passionate about CBD?
A: I have seen CBD help so many different people with so many different things. It’s a natural compound, there’s no documented overdoses on it. It’s just helped people bring their body into balance. You live in a world that’s out of balance so getting to see this help so many people with so many different things in a natural way has been amazing.